Nandu is the sound of underground melodic techno and house.

Straight out of Copenhagen, he seeks to explore the enormous worlds of grooves and melodies
combined, and try to create a unique deep and refreshing sound. With his roots deep
in other genres like jazz, rock and pop, he seeks to combine them all in an electronic
setting. Not only aiming for the dance floor, but also seeks to inspire and tease the
imagination, his soundscapes takes you from the South American beaches to the cold
Nordic winters, from the deepest jungles to the coldest urban settings.
After releasing his 3 rd solo album “One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety” on
Connected in the fall of 2018, and with a long line of cutting edge releases, on labels
such as Azzur, Constant Circles, & Rebirth, Nandu is looking into a bright future in
the electronic music scene.